Consumer credit

The challenge of granting, renewing and increasing credit limits at the rights amount and time for your customer is critical to the success of the business. An appropriate strategy increases your profitability and decreases provisions and losses. Due to the dynamics of the market, the lack of speed in updating these strategies can determine a sudden increase of losses or reduction of market share.

NOGORD.IO allows greater agility in the elaboration of business strategies, allowing the business user to build all the necessary rules for the credit cycle, without going through internal bureaucracy or IT bottlenecks. For example, you can:

  • Design credit policies (product-centric or customer-centric)
  • Build champion and challenging strategies (A / B tests)
  • Define the best approach channel for each client
  • Calculate the best offer by setting the installment amount and term that meet customer needs
  • Send e-mail and SMS with personalized offers, with no need for integration with other systems
  • Establish the most appropriate rate, specific to that operation
  • Create triggers for product cancellation or renewal
  • ... and much more!

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