Credit Origination

In the "moment of truth", when the customer knocks on your door with a need, you want to be able to serve him quickly, so you need to access several sources of information about this client in order to be able to properly measure your risk and make a proper credit offer.

NOGORD.IO allows greater agility in the integration with several data bureaus and allows, through mathematical or statistical functions (among others), calculate credit limits ​​(for each product, if necessary), interest rate, down payment (in case of financing an asset), in a personalized way and with easy integration to core systems. Some examples of what you can do using decision rules:

  • Do the client's onboarding, checking on the bureaux, the veracity of the data provided
  • Create an anti-fraud policy
  • Calculate the credit score
  • Design credit policies (product-centric or customer-centric)
  • Build champion and challenging strategies (A / B tests)
  • Calculate the best offer by setting the installment amount and term that meet customer needs
  • Establish the most appropriate rate, specific to that operation
  • ... and much more!

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