Financial industry

A flexible and scalable solution, designed to enable the agility the market requires.

Collection and recovery

How to reduce costs and increase the agility and effectiveness of your collection and recovery processes? NOGORD.IO allows the business user to elaborate the collection rules, assigning the most effective agents and channels to get in contact with each client. And more: reaching the customer, it also allows you to make a personalized affordable offer that increases the chance of recovery.

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Consumer credit

Crisis? Recovery of the economy? Unemployment rates going up and down? Political uncertainty? Your business cannot wait for traditional IT development cycle to keep pace with the changing world, cant it? With NOGORD.IO, the business team which designs the best credit rule is the same that makes the changes, at the speed the market demands.

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Credit Origination

Is there any better opportunity to delight your customer than in the first approach? By implementing your credit origination rules with NOGORD.IO, it is possible to access credit or personal data bureaux, validate input data, segmentate, calculate the affordable payment and grant the most appropriate credit product, at the right amount and at the right price for the customer profile.

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Get the best risk-return relationship and delight your customer by offering the ideal conditions( rate, term and grace period for payment), according to his/her profile and market track record. Differentiate yourself in the market through personalized pricing and show your customer how much you value this relationship!

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