Visual Function as a Service

Bring Business Guys into the game and reduce your technical debt


From scratch to deployed faster

Time spent on business rules development reduced by 30%.

Eliminate time wasted on small changes in rules by developing these rules and integrations in a visual fashion, making it accessible to Business Users.

Works like a Function as a Service

Creating Serverless Function or Microservices is as simple as creating a Rule. Every Rule has its own URL. Use it as a REST API.

Once developed, publish it with a 1-click button. No need for complex CLI. Evolve it by creating and publishing new versions.

Automatically handles execution spikes.

Quick and Simple Connections

Use native Integration library or create your own Custom Integration to enhance your logic with external data.

It is easy, quick and simple.

Code that everyone understands

With the intuitive Studio, you can easily create algorithms as visual flowcharts to represent your business logic. Create variables as Inputs and Outputs, consume external data, transform and enrich data, use functions to calculate values and save them in other applications.'s Flowcharts work as a "living documentation", reducing communication noise between teams



Create Flowcharts that represents your Decision Rules

Control Flow

Use Conditions, Condition Cases, Loops and more to control the flow of your decision logic


Extensive library of functions: Math, Statistics, Text, Trigonometry, Financial and more!

Pre-Built Integrations

Use one of the pre-built integration, connect to Data Bureaux and enrich your data

Custom Integrations

Create your own integrations, using REST protocol

API Driven

Every decision rule has its own unique URL to be accessed directly via REST API

1 Click Deployment

Deploy your Decision Rules in a simple 1-click workflow and use them in a microservices/serverless architecture

Custom Data

Create Data Tables with your own data. Just upload a CSV file.

"We have been using since the launch of the tool and we can not help but be amazed by the ease of creating and automating rules that used to need hundreds of lines of code and specialized professionals. Our Pre Registration operation and decision parameterization went from a headache to a child's play!"

Agustin Sylvester - Direct Data

"Low code tool that gives greater agility for squads to deliver and the maintenance of rules that are commonly hard coded, and end up generating a lot of work and dependence of the technology team, having to often change the priority of the deliveries, losing deadlines and / or requiring extra team effort. "

Rodrigo Bellato - Geru

"NOGORD.IO has become an essential tool for creating business rules. It has an intuitive interface and, through a simple API, allows the execution of complex calculations, fully integrated with our process management system (BPM), with low development cost. "

Vitor Lima - Jive

Several best-in-class companies rely on NOGORD.IO to automate decision rules

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