NOGORD.IO empowers your business team in business rules’ concept, automation, test, execution and continuous improvement.

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Transform your knowledge in a strategic asset

Manage your business rules with NOGORD.IO, they are distributed in inaccessible informational code system and eletronic spreadsheets, or even in offline medias.


Use the appropriate tool

NOGORD.IO provides a studio to a graphic development of rules, using known diagrams, besides of supporting with condition and formulas’ specialized editors with the same eletronic spreadsheets paterns.


We care for your rules creation comfort

With agility and safety, check wheter every rule, decision tree or node is acting according to the expected.


Be free to choose how to process

In a cloud workplace (SaaS model), your rules can be executed in a large amount or separately, integrated to your platform, by the API, or in functionality avaiable in NOGORD.IO


Get appropriation to your business safely. Flya!

NOGORD.IO controls the rules’ evolution, watching closely the steps’ development, homologation and production.
With the first version up, you are going to try out the power of performing small inervention without impacting yout IT team backlog

BRaaSBusiness Rules as a Service

Manage easily your company’s business rules’ processing.

Data Service

Draw up the rules with intern dara and improve it adding external data by API.

Functional Modules

The collaboraion and experiences are going to contribute to a library formation, rich in business rules, to be used and/or inspire the creation of new ones.

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